Tuvsjyen, Saltstraumen
Stone Age Turf house at Tuvsjyen

DINING for groups. Capacity 15-120 persons

Saltstraumen is the worlds strongest tidal current, located 33 kilometres outside of Bodø,
35 minutes drive. Transfers can be arranged.

Price per person, Local Stone Age food- and history adventure in the Stone Age house at Tuvsjyen.
Story telling and Stone age caserole with local fish or reindeer, vegetables, herbs, NOK 395 per person + drinks
The following menu prices includes the use of Stone Age cooking technic where the main course is prepared with red hot stones in a cooking pit:

1 main course from cooking pit: NOK 475,- per person 

2 course menu with main course from cooking pit: NOK 595,-
3 course menu with main course from cooking pit: NOK 750,-

Drinks are extra.

- Hunters plate – stone age finger food – i.e.  reindeer meat, local fish, nuts, berries, bread.
- Fresh stone age bread with smoked and salted whale meat or local fish.
- Saltstraumen fish soup

Main courses: 
-Leg of reindeer or lamb and vegetables prepared in stone age cooking pit. Served with mushroom stew and berries.

-Halibut- or anglerfish from Saltstraumen and vegetables prepared in stone age cooking pit. Served with boiled stone age wheat and meadowsweet jelly.         

- Raspberries sorbet with a hint of birch juice
- Cloud berry soup.
Activities can be added to the dining experience - i.e. guided tour, archery, fishing, salt water hot tub and stone oven baking.
Please contact us at post@tuvsjyen.com 

(If your party consists of less than 15 persons we will do our best to help find an experience you can join). 

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GPS position Tuvsjyen: 67.221023N  14.649002E

Tuvsjyen is situated by Road 812 in Saltstraumen, 30 K's south of Bodø.

Bodø Airport, Ferry Harbour and Train Station is close to the city center.

We can assist with booking of transfers. Driving time from Bodø to Saltstraumen is approx. 30 minutes. Hire cars are offered in Bodø.

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